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The Board of Registration will meet in the lobby of the Middle School on May 14th between the hours of 4:00-8:00 pm to registers voters to vote in the May 19, 2015 District Election.

The Haldane Central School District budget/trustee vote is Tuesday, May 19th  from 7 AM to 9 PM in Room 105. Voters can park in the bell lot and enter through the side door entrance.

Not going to be in town and need an absentee ballot? Please click here to download an application.

Board of Education

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Support the Haldane Eco-Devils and show your school spirit. Orders are now being taken for Haldane t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps. This year we are pleased to be able to have you order on-line by clicking here. Please place orders by May 8, 2015.

Please click here for more information and updates on the status of the District’s Strategic Planning Process

Haldane Central School District: Important Budget Concepts for Our Tax Payers to Understand

Is the New York State Property Tax Cap Actually a 2% Tax Cap??? No, not really…

          When New York State began to limit the amount of revenue a school district could raise in its annual tax levy, the creators of this new law began referring to the tax levy increase as the “2% Tax Cap.”  This misnomer unfortunately became the way that most politicians referred to this new regulation, which confused the concept and created a great deal of misunderstanding. So what is the Tax Cap?

         This new State mandate requires that school districts complete a long, complicated calculation (that was determined by the Comptroller’s Office) to regulate the amount of taxes a district can raise within their tax levy for the next school year. The district is required to include a number of considerations that vary from year to year. The first detail that districts include in their calculation is the annual change in the CPI (Consumer Price Index) or 2%, whatever is lower.  For this upcoming budget cycle, the CPI was 1.62%, so this value was used instead of 2%, because it was the lesser of the two.

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Haldane Central School District Calendar, 2015-16

To view a copy of the approved School District Calendar for 2015-16, please click below.

Tuesday, April 28
College Admissions Night
7:00 PM

Mon, May 4 - Thu, May 14
AP Exams
Tuesday, May 5
Haldane Arts Booster Club Meeting
3:15 PM
Merritt Building, 2nd Floor
BOE Meeting
7:00 PM

Wednesday, May 6
BOE Meeting (Executive Session Only)
5:30 PM