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Haldane Board of Education Meeting/Workshop Airing Schedule

The Town of Philipstown, as a courtesy to the community, airs the Haldane Board Meetings and Workshops on Channel 22 as follows: 

Tuesdays at 12 noon, 3 pm, and 7 pm

Wednesdays at 12 noon, 3p m and 7pm


Haldane School Budget (NYS School Funding)

April 10, 2014

Haldane School Budget Development – Adoption Goal April 22:  The continuing shortfall in State aid has combined with another State mandate – the tax levy cap – to make this another challenging year for Haldane’s development of its 2014-2015 budget proposal, with the Board of Education still working well into April to bring it to a balanced bottom line.  Haldane’s tax levy cap comes out to just 1.09%; one of the lowest in the region.  (The figure of 2% that many people assume when hearing about the tax levy cap is rarely where the local number ends up after the complicated formula required by the State.)

At this writing, as we close in on the bottom line of the budget being developed for 2014-2015, we are reluctantly confronting the likely necessity of closing much of the remaining gap of $176,000 with staff reductions.  These possible reductions (one teaching position and as many as three teacher assistant positions) would probably impact non-mandated classes, programs like electives, and/or class sizes, even in mandated subjects. One sunnier prospect might involve finding other savings in ongoing contract negotiations that would allow restoration of these positions, but that possibility will likely not become clear until after the budget is adopted.

When the Board comes to its bottom line budget adoption on April 22 – the budget that will be presented to the voters on May 20 – we will post the information here and follow up with a mailing to all households.  Meanwhile, we continue to post updates with budget detail from each Board meeting on the web site: just click on Board of Education, then Annual Budget.

NYS School Funding:  We have an enacted State budget as of April 1, with somewhat better news on school aid in general, and for Haldane in particular.  The improvement for Haldane – about $82,000 over the Governor’s proposal – would not have happened without the advocacy effort of our PTA and other school community members; thanks and congratulations to all who made their voices heard!  

Since 2009, school budgets have been made more difficult for local school boards by a line in the State aid formula called the “Gap Elimination Adjustment,” (GEA) which reduced school aid to help balance the State budget.  Most school districts have had to cut programs, staffing, and services in the years that followed, and Haldane has certainly been among them. This newly adopted State budget put back about $70,000 of  Haldane’s GEA, but that still leaves the District owed nearly $340,000 in the GEA line, so advocacy to eliminate the whole GEA for all schools across the State must be renewed in the new legislative year.

John Chambers, Interim Superintendent

Common Core: Some Comments from Interim Superintendent John Chambers      

March 27, 2014

            Since the advent of the Common Core curriculum initiative in 2009, schools and teachers have been working to adapt, students have faced new academic challenges, and parents have been presented with confusing messages. Some of that confusion, some of the challenges, and a lot of the work has been driven by governing authorities like New York’s Board of Regents.  As a newcomer to Haldane, yet anything but a newcomer to public schools in our region of New York State, I bring a certain perspective to the whole discussion around the Common Core.  While the subject is complex, let me try to offer some clear understandings here.


Wondering what the school calendar will look like next year? Click below to see 2014-2015, which was adopted at the 3/4/14 Board of Education meeting. (It can also be found on our web site under For Parents and Community -- School Resources.)
Haldane_CSD_Calendar_for_2014-2015 - Adopted_03.04.14.pdf



The Haldane Board of Education, acting at its meeting of March 4, 2014, concluded the search for a new Superintendent of Schools by unanimously voting to appoint Dr. Diana C. Bowers to the office, effective July 7, 2014.  Dr. Bowers, currently the Superintendent of the Hamilton Central School District in Hamilton, NY, will complete her eighth year in the upstate community (home to Colgate University) and renew her ties to the Putnam County area when she comes to Haldane.


What's Right With Haldane

(The following article was written by Karen Thornton, Dept of School Communications, P/NW BOCES)

The highest compliment design students can get is for their work to be used in a professional capacity. Advertising Art and Digital Design student Max Beachak, a Haldane Junior, earned that distinction when his design for the Adult Education brochure for Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES was chosen to be printed.

“Max had to work on the design from concept to production,” said his Tech Center teacher Gregory Aloisio. “He worked hard and came up with great ideas.”

Max’s design is an artful depiction of a hand holding different tools, with the tagline, “The Learning World Is in Your Hands.” Max’s brochure will be printed and used for the BOCES program.            

Congratulations to the following Haldane students who attend the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES Tech Center Retail Services Program and whose outstanding achievements were honored at the Student Success Awards Program of the College of Westchester on March 1st at a reception held at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown.

  • Erin Ledwith received the Computer Education Award for Determination in Computer Education
  • Raymond Morton received the Business Education Award for Achievement in Business Education.  All are from the Retail Services Program at the Tech Center (Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES).
  • Fred Morton received the Business Education Award for Determination in Business Education
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