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Meeting Notices

The Haldane Board of Education will meet on August 22, 2019 at 2:30pm in Room 211 of the High School Building at 15 Craigside Drive, Cold Spring, NY 10516.  There will be public hearings for the Code of Conduct and District-wide Safety Plan. Following the meeting, the Board will travel to the Old VFW Hall, 34 Kemble Ave., Cold Spring NY to hold its semi-annual retreat.

Haldane Central School District Goals 2018-2019

Goal 1: curriculum, instruction, and assessment

Establish and implement a structure for a continuous review of K-12 program areas that: 1) identifies relative strengths and weaknesses within the instructional program; 2) reviews programs that are being considered for implementation within the school system; 3) monitors internal and external resources (human, fiscal, etc.) that may be of benefit to the school system; 4) adapts to the changing needs of the curricular and instructional program; and 5) clearly defines measures of student success.

goal 2: facilities and safety

Finalize the planning for a proposed bond referendum and facilitate a process which elicits trust and support for proposed modifications and improvements to the school district facility. An evaluation of the safety and security protocols currently in place in the school system will be included as part of the process, and as necessary and/or appropriate, a plan for improving the safety and security of the school district will be implemented.

goal 3: improving systems for communication

Develop and articulate clear systems for communication between the Board of Education, administration, school employees, students, parents, and community members that are proactive and predicated on trusting, positive relationships.

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