The Haldane Board of Education created six advisory committees to aide in the discussion and planning of key initiatives and priorities at Haldane. More information about each committee is available below, including the committee charge and links to minutes from meetings.

Committee members are based on stakeholder representation. If you are interested in being part of a committee, please contact Superintendent Benante for eligibility information.

Audit Committee

Committee Chair: Thomas Campanile

The Audit Committee will provide independent advice, assistance, and recommendations to the Board in the oversight of the internal and external audit functions of the district. Additionally, the Committee will:

  • Oversee the competitive Request for Proposal Process (RFP) used to solicit quotations for the District’s annual external audit
  • Review the scope, plan and coordination of the external audit
  • Provide a communications link between the external and internal auditors and the Board

Audit Documents

Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Committee will review existing policies and practices as they presently pertain to Haldane's facilities and exterior grounds/fields, including off-site use of fields and facilities not owned by Haldane. The committee will:

  • Inventory school owned or leased equipment as well as make recommendations regarding the same
  • Existing maintenance and capital upgrades to the facilities will be analyzed and compared to reasonable industry standards and guidelines
  • Existing use of facilities by school and non-school groups will be documented with the intent of providing a uniform standard of utilization which protects the value of the schools assets and their continued upkeep
  • Methods of funding will be identified, including in-kind services and sponsorship opportunities

Building & Grounds Committee Minutes
Bond Referendum Focus Group Meeting - June 13, 2017

Code of Conduct

Committee Chair: Julia Sniffen

The Code of Conduct Committee will review the existing Code of Conduct annually and make recommendations for additions and revisions to the Code. The charge specifically directs the Superintendent to convene an advisory panel:

  • To review the Code of Conduct for grades K-12
  • To consider specific elements of the Code that should be amended
  • To conduct a needs assessment of those essential elements for the Haldane Central School District as they specifically relate to the various levels of education (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • To recommend to the Board of Education appropriate changes to be incorporated into the Code
  • To stay current in regards to best practices

Code of Conduct Committee Minutes

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee will review the existing school policies and consider protocols for dealing with issues surrounding nutrition, health education, and physical and emotional well being. The charge specifically directs the Superintendent to convene an advisory panel:

  • To consider school activities related to physical activity and healthy eating
  • To consider the quality of meals that are presented in the school lunch program
  • To review policies on food and beverages offered to students in the cafeteria and outside of the cafeteria, including what is allowed at classroom parties and what is offered in vending machines
  • To review the physical education program with the PE staff to ensure emphasis on establishing patterns for lifelong physical activity
  • To recommend to the Board of Education changes that will address specific areas of concern with regard to nutritional offerings, physical activity, and wellness in general
  • To review current policies and develop new policies and events relating to emotional growth and student well-being

Wellness Committee Minutes

Health & Safety Committee

Committee Chairs: Chris Salumn and Deputy Matt Shelters

The Health & Safety Committee will:

  • Participate in the investigation and disposition of health and safety complaints, issues, and concerns
  • Ensure that at least one member of the committee participates in the annual visual inspection
  • Consult with District officials in completing safety ratings of all occupied school buildings
  • Monitor safety during school construction projects, including periodic meetings to review issues and address complaints related to health and safety resulting from the project
  • Upon completion of a construction project, conduct a walk-through inspection to ensure the area is ready to be reopened for use
  • Provide an annual report to the Board of Education

Health & Safety Committee Minutes

Technology Committee

Committee Chair: Leah Horn

The Technology Committee will:

  • Implement the Long-Term Technology Plan according to Federal and State guidelines
  • Review and formally advise the Board of Education on the specifics of budgetary needs
  • Be the due diligence arm of the Board of Education in all technology-related requests

Technology Committee Minutes