District Goals

Haldane Central School District Goals 2019-2020

Goal 1

Build consensus and a renewed commitment to a focused and aligned community statement of mission, organizational values, profile of a successful graduate, and strategic processes that are capable of guiding decision making on every level of the organization and are focused on ensuring student success and preparedness for life, learning, and work beyond school which will culminate in a new strategic coherence plan for the school district.

goal 2

Facilitate an enrollment, demographic, and facilities analysis to enable the district to effectively engage in long range planning that is aligned with the district’s vision and mission for students.

goal 3

Establish and implement a structure for a continuous review of K-12 program areas that: 1) identifies relative strengths and weaknesses within the instructional program; 2) reviews programs that are being considered for implementation within the school system; 3) monitors internal and external resources (human, fiscal, etc.) that may be of benefit to the school system; 4) adapts to the changing needs of the curricular and instructional program; and 5) clearly defines measures of student success.