Project Renewal

Main Gym

The main gym features our brand new electronic bleachers, 2 new wireless scoreboards, LED backboard lights, and Haldane Blue Devil wall mats. The newly enhanced gym is home to our volleyball and basketball teams, as well as physical education classes for middle and high school students.

Athletic Turf Field

The turf field and track allow our students to compete on a state of the art facility. Our football, lacrosse, and soccer programs all share the field, while our outstanding track program utilizes the practice track surrounding the field. The all-purpose turf is also used by our physical education programs for a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Haldane Tennis Courts

The Haldane tennis courts are located right next to our turf field our Route 9D.

Small Gym

The small gym is used for our elementary physical education classes and for modified basketball practices.

Softball Field

Our softball field is located along Route 9D, across from the Haldane campus.

Mayors Park

Mayors Park is a shared, community field located along the Hudson River. Our baseball programs use the field in the spring, while their fans enjoy the scenic views.