Board of Education

Meeting Notices

The Haldane Central School District Board of Education will convene on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the Haldane Central School District Auditorium. 

It is intended that the public portions of the meeting will be recorded and later posted.
A draft agenda will be available prior to the meeting on BoardDocs.

Haldane Central School Board Goals 2019-2020

Goal 1: Policy Manual Audit

One of the Board of Education’s primary responsibilities is to set the policies for the District which are then put into practice by the Administration. Meaningful and up-to-date policies are essential for effective governance, efficient administration, and excellence in education. Having completed the foundational work last year, over the course of 2019-2020, it is our intention to:

  1. Approve and implement an updated policy manual.
  2. Review and update policies to make sure that they reflect the needs of our community. We will review approximately 100 pages of policy per year, so that we complete a full policy manual audit in approximately 5 years’ time.
  3. Incorporate any new policies that arise out of legislative, educational, or community changes over the course of the year.

goal 2: Self-Evaluation Tool

Self-Assessment is essential to continuous and meaningful improvement. We will engage NYSSBA to learn about their School Board Self-Evaluation tool and implement it this school year. It is the Board’s intention to have honest and constructive dialogue regarding our performance so that we can adopt optimal board governance practices.