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Haldane’s unique Read and Grow program brings literature and curriculum to life through experiential learning. Younger learners enjoy picture books with an introduction to chapter books and library organization. Upper elementary students build on this foundation, learning about genres, research, and more. All students enjoy outdoor learning that relates to their grade-level curriculum and seasonal and community events. Lessons usually take place in our school garden, with occasional forays to the forest pond classroom or elsewhere. Students also have time in the school library every week. See our browse-and borrow policy below.

Our school garden and forest pond classroom were created by parent volunteers to benefit all students. Garden and outdoor activities enhance the curriculum as children use their whole body and all of their senses to explore, imagine, discover and learn. Outdoor activities often correspond directly to the curriculum, though students are also given freedom to explore and discover on their own. Students should be prepared to be outdoors on their Library/Garden special day. Sun safety, tick and poison ivy awareness are emphasized at all grade levels.

For more information, visit the Read and Grow website. 

Library Resources

Haldane Elementary Browse-and-Borrow Policy

* Students may choose two books per week to check out  from the Haldane Elementary School Library. 

* Books are checked out for one week at a time. They are due on the next library/garden special day. (If there is no class due to a holiday or an absence, the books are not considered overdue.)

* Each classroom has a library book collection bin. Students can return their books there on the morning of their library/garden special. There is also a drop-bin in the school  library where books may be returned at any time. 

* Students who wish to renew their books may do so for up to two additional weeks.  

* Books that are not returned may not be exchanged for new books. (So, if a child forgets one book at home but brings one in, they may choose one new book to take home that week.)

* Library books that are lost or damaged should be replaced with a brand-new copy of the book, or payment can be made for a replacement. If a book is not returned for several weeks a slip will be sent home detailing this procedure. 

Educators do their best to help students select books that are appropriate for their reading level and that will nurture a love of literature. 

It is a privilege to read and grow  with your children. Feel free to be in touch with any questions or concerns:


Reach Out to Us

For more information on the Read and Grow program, contact:

Ms.Llewellyn, 845-265-9254 x140Librarian Grades K-4cllewellyn@haldaneschool.org

For more information and updates on the school garden, visit:

www.growinghaldane.com and/or “like” Growing Haldane on Facebook.

These pages, like the school garden, are maintained by parent volunteers.

Featured Books

Library Learners & Garden Growers

As part of their geography unit, Mrs. Satterlee's 3rd graders braved the cold and went on a scavenger hunt to locate plants in the school garden from all 7 continents! These intrepid explorers worked in groups to navigate their way to specific plants, using their knowledge of landforms and directions, even using compasses!

For students interested in learning more about the history of "Plant Hunters" and the dangers they faced traversing the globe to discover new plants, check out this book by Anita Silhavy.

Food Day! This garden food was picked when the rain briefly let up. Students discovered that before school even started they had enjoyed food from several continents and all regions of the US. We are exploring the benefits and costs of our global industrial food system. www.foodday.org

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