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Mrs. Carolyn Llewellyn, K-5 Library/Garden

Our school garden, located on the south side of the school building, has long enjoyed the support of parents, teachers, the PTA, the Haldane School Foundation, and of course, our students. Hands-on learning in this outdoor classroom brings curriculum to life, as students learn with all of their senses. Immersion in nature also feeds the imagination and the spirit.

Haldane's unique Read and Grow program brings literature and curriculum to life through experiential learning. Our younger learners enjoy picture books with an introduction to chapter books and library organization. Upper elementary students delve deeper into literary genres and research skills. Monthly outdoor lessons take place in our school garden, forest pond classroom, or around campus. Outdoor activities often correspond directly to the curriculum, although students are also given freedom to explore and discover on their own.

Books We Love

Who read it?

Mrs. LeMon

Who will love it?

Kindergartners who love making new friends.


Mrs. Wilde


1st Graders who love parties.


Ms. Satterlee


3rd Graders who love pets and new inventions.

Library Learners & Garden Growers

As part of their geography unit, Mrs. Satterlee's 3rd graders braved the cold and went on a scavenger hunt to locate plants in the school garden from all 7 continents! These intrepid explorers worked in groups to navigate their way to specific plants, using their knowledge of landforms and directions, even using compasses!

For students interested in learning more about the history of "Plant Hunters" and the dangers they faced traversing the globe to discover new plants, check out this book by Anita Silhavy.

Food Day! This garden food was picked when the rain briefly let up. Students discovered that before school even started they had enjoyed food from several continents and all regions of the US. We are exploring the benefits and costs of our global industrial food system. www.foodday.org

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