Pupil Personnel Services

Dr. Regina Kaishian, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, CSE/CPSE Chairperson
(845) 265-9254 ext. 127
Introduction Letter from Dr. Kaishian
Kim Patinella, Office Assistant to Director of Pupil Personnel Services
(845) 265-9254 ext. 142
Dawn Rossano, School Psychologist, CSE/CPSE Chairperson
(845) 265-9254 ext. 444

Mission of the Haldane Central School District Pupil Personnel Services

Inclusion, social-emotional development, and innovation are the critical components of Pupil Personnel Services at Haldane. Inclusion is a philosophy of education that fosters a sense of community and empathy in our students. Building on that, we encourage our students to understand their own learning process and how that can be used to collaborate and communicate with others. Finally, innovation in how we deliver instruction and special services for the varied needs of all learners helps us prepare our students for lifelong success.
Haldane aims to instruct all students in the manner befitting them, and our continuum of special services reflects that objective. We have high expectations for each student, and we carefully develop programs and services to target skills and achieve progress. Professional teaching and learning spurs ongoing program development and reflection of program efficacy. We are dedicated to the needs of our students and families, so please feel free to call, email, or come see us.

Special Education Notice

Please note that under section 4402 of NYS Education Law, all parents who suspect that their child may have a disability are entitled to receive a special education evaluation and submit a referral to the Committee on Special Education.

Haldane Central School District follows Part 200 of the New York State Regulation of the Commissioner of Education