Academic Highlights

2nd Grade Biographies with Ms. Spinelli

Ms. Spinelli's 2nd Graders Tour the High School With Their Reading Buddies

4th Graders Present Their Business Plans to HS Sociology

4th Grade Colonial Day

K-2 Concert and Art Show

2nd Grade Wax Museum Day

Mrs. Comerford's 2nd grade class researched the past! Each student used books, articles, and technology to find "fun" facts about an accomplished person. In the end, they presented their projects on a presentation board. The room was turned in a "Wax Museum" for the day!

Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School

Kindergarten Scientists at Work

Kindergarten Time Capsule Set in Place for 2030

The Haldane Class of 2030, currently kindergartners, buried their time capsule on the Haldane campus. Filled with photos and aspirations of each student, self-portraits, and news articles, the capsule will be re-opened just before their high school graduation. The project celebrates the beauty of the Haldane K-12 experience.

First Grade News

* In the fall, we kick off our writer's workshop with a unit on small moments. Students eagerly brainstorm important small moments in their own lives. We follow the steps within the writing process and ultimately create published stories. First graders share their finished work with family and friends at a Small Moments Publishing Celebration. As the year continues, we continue to celebrate our writing as we learn about realistic fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

* In first grade, we learn different ways of spreading kindness in our community. We are currently working with the Butterfield Library. Our students have become mentor readers, reading books and developing activities to share with toddlers. We are also participating in "100 Cans of Kindness," where each class is trying to collect 100 food items to donate to the Phillipstown Food Pantry.

* In social studies, we study Family. To go along with Project Based Learning, students are creating family keepsake books to share with family and friends for years to come. We have learned all about family traditions, culture, and diversity. We have shared interesting facts and stories about our families. The kids have loved learning about their family's similarities and differences within each class.

Third Grade News

Third grade is a very exciting year!

In math we learn all about multiplication and division. We also learn about area, fractions, geometry, and graphing.

In Social Studies, we begin the year learning about the geography of our world! We continue on by learning about the United States and its culture, symbols, government, and more! Third graders also get to pick their own country to research, followed up with a culminating country report project and feast!

In Science, our year long theme is cycles. We learn about the plant life cycle, electricity, butterfly life cycle and the water cycle. We raise our very own larva into butterflies in the classroom!

English Language Arts in third grade encompasses reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We read a mix of fiction and nonfiction texts, both in small and full group settings. We bring many written assignments through the whole writing process, and learn the format for paragraphs.