About HHS

Haldane High School sits overlooking the Hudson River in the historic Village of Cold Spring, New York. With an enrollment of 300 students, Haldane emphasizes student and faculty collaboration through project-based initiatives and professional learning communities. Generations of community ties and a close proximity to New York City give Haldane students access to unique learning experiences and a wealth of professional, creative, and vocational expertise. Haldaneā€™s close-knit peers support diversity in one another and work together to achieve success in academics, athletics, and the arts.

Haldane High School students pursue a New York State Regents curriculum in preparation for post-secondary studies. The core curriculum is complemented by a rich variety of electives designed to meet student needs and interests, as well as the changing global landscape. Acceleration in core content areas is offered beginning in seventh grade. Students are encouraged to complete a community service experience, and many special interest internships are available through mentoring opportunities.