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2019-2020 Course Catalog

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Haldane Honor Roll Criteria

Principal's List: 95-100

High Honor Roll: 90-94

Honor Roll: 85-89

Duchess Community College

University of Albany (University in the High School) College Courses

Please note that UHS students and parents are advised to visit the UHS website at You are advised to click on “Students & Parents” and then “Student/Parent Guide.” Please also read the complete Student/Parent Guide before proceeding with the application & payment process. This guide contains important information regarding UHS courses.

Syracuse University College Course

In this course you’ll discover the unique ways to analyze blood; how to deconstruct organic and inorganic evidence; the many uses of DNA; drug chemistry and toxicology; how to compare fibers, paints, glass, and soil; and much more.

Lab assignments are techniques in forensic investigation, including identifying food dyes by paper chromatography, classifying carbohydrates, and performing qualitative tests for amino acids, proteins, and other chemicals.

Being a fan of “CSI” is not a requirement; being a motivated student with Internet access is.