Scholarship Information

The Haldane High School Guidance Department receives various scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors throughout the year. Copies of scholarship applications are available in the guidance office. It is the responsibility of each senior to pick up scholarship applications and carefully complete and pay special attention to deadlines.


  • Neatness counts.
  • If the scholarship application is not available online make sure you fill it out in pen.
  • Apply only if you are eligible. Read all scholarship requirements and directions carefully.
  • Essays required for an application are important, ask your english teacher or school counselor to assist you with your final essay. 
  • Give yourself enough time to meet DEADLINES. Make sure you hand in your application, essay and any references at least one week prior to the deadline. Some applications must be mailed prior to the deadline. Snow days DO NOT extend deadlines. 
  • Save copies of your applications and essay. The guidance department is not responsible for making copies.
  • Remember - your scholarship application represents who you are. You must submit an application in a neat and timely manner. Keep it professional looking. 

Local, State, and National Scholarship Opportunities

Alice Curtis Desmond & Hamilton Fish Library Association Award for Leadership - this award is given in the spirit of the lifework of the Library's co-founder Hamilton Fish, and is given as much for service to the community as academic excellence. Recipients should demonstrate an outstanding academic record and accomplishment in the fields of athletic, music, student government, and/or volunteer work.

Alice Reilley Schatzle Memorial Scholarship - awarded to a graduating senior who plans to major in education, library sciences or another field that serves others. Students must show a commitment to academic achievement and community service. Deadline 5/14/21

Bernie Dillon Baseball Award - presented to the senior baseball team member who shows leadership, sportsmanship, and dependability.

Betty Budney Community  Service Award - sponsored by the Philipstown Democrats and presented to a graduating senior who has contributed to their community through volunteer service. Deadline 5/14/21

Blue Devil Booster Club Scholarships - presented to seniors who are or have been players on a Haldane Varsity team, have outstanding character and behavior as leaders, and are willing to work hard to achieve success. Deadline 5/14/21

Christopher Hustis Memorial Scholarship - presented to a senior who best exemplifies the greatest qualities of the human spirit and whose character traits allow them to lead with their heart.

Christopher LaCorata Memorial Award - presented to the senior who performs community service, preferably in either a fire company or volunteer ambulance corps. 

Cold Spring Lions Club Senior Athlete Awards - presented to seniors who demonstrate athletic ability, sportsmanship, leadership, and patriotism. 

Damon Perpetua Memorial Scholarship - awarded to members of the varsity athletic teams who deserve recognition for unselfishly playing for the good of the team. 

Edith McIntyre Nelson Civic Award - presented to the senior who is involved in student activities and gives service to the local community. The recipient demonstrates a successful record of academic achievement and is planning to pursue post-secondary education.

Frances Dawson Memorial Scholarship - presented to a senior who shows a strong interest in creative writing, journalism, and local/state environmental issues. 

Frank Milkovich Lions Club Scholarships - presented to seniors based on academic performance and potential for success. Deadline 5/10/21

Fred and Kristen Faust Spirit Award - presented to two seniors who have team spirit, sportsmanship, integrity, reliability, enthusiasm, positive attitudes, and a willingness to help others. The recipients put forth effort at practices, on the playing field, and in the classroom.

Garrison Art Center Excellence in Art Award - presented to a senior who has a connection to, and participated in Garrison Art Center programs.  The awardee does not have to be pursuing art in college. 

Garrison School PTA Scholarship - presented to a senior who is a resident of Garrison and makes contributions to both school and community. The student shows a willingness to serve others and exhibits a positive attitude. 

George W. Ellis Memorial Award - presented to a senior who participates in sports, demonstrates potential to succeed, and plans to enroll in college.

Gerald Timmons Memorial Award -  presented to a senior who demonstrates technical skills and is respectful of the rights and needs of others. 

Haldane Arts Alliance "Artist" Scholarship - this $500 scholarship will be awarded to one or more seniors who plan to major in an arts field at their school of secondary education, and/or launch a career in the arts. Deadline 4/30/21

Haldane Arts Alliance "Game-Changer" Scholarship - this $500 scholarship will be awarded to one or more seniors who demonstrate that their experience/participation in the arts sparked positive personal transformation, inspiration, and/or curiosity in a way that was truly game-changing for them. Deadline 4/30/21

Haldane Arts Alliance "Renaissance" Scholarship - this $500 scholarship will be awarded to one or more seniors who demonstrate that they have given dedication while participating in a variety of arts classes (visual, literary, performing, media, etc.) and experiences at Haldane. Deadline 4/30/21

Haldane Arts Alliance "Trailblazer" Scholarship - this $500 scholarship will be awarded to one or more seniors who helped to advance new ideas, break new ground, and/or create new opportunities in the arts for their fellow students and/or the wider community. Deadline 4/30/21

Haldane CSEA Award - presented to a senior who demonstrates integrity, set high standards, work hard, and help fellow students when in need. 

Haldane Faculty Association Scholarships - presented to seniors who make significant contributions in the area of school spirit, scholarship, citizenship, or extracurricular activities. 

Haldane Football Association Scholarship - rewards the personal, athletic and academic excellence of a graduating Haldane senior who is or has been involved in the Haldane Football program. This $500 scholarship also recognizes the characteristics of honesty, self-discipline, commitment and team play. It is intended to support the next steps in the career of the recipient, who has demonstrated these traits on and off the football field. Deadline 5/3/21

Haldane Lacrosse Association Scholarships - presented to outstanding athletes who demonstrate good citizenship, respect for teachers and peers, and good sportsmanship. 

Haldane PTA Awards - will be awarded to two graduating seniors who have demonstrated one or more of the PTA core values of collaboration, commitment, diversity, and respect. Deadline 5/14/21

Haldane School Foundation Senior Scholarship - presented to a senior who demonstrates outstanding effort in the pursuit of excellence during a program funded by the Haldane School Foundation. Deadline 6/1/21

Joseph Giachinta Memorial Award - presented to a BOCES Tech senior who, like successful business owner Joseph Giachinta, is hardworking, proud of their trade, and career focused. 

Joseph Percacciolo Memorial Award - presented to the senior who exemplifies good citizenship and a commitment to the community. Deadline 5/14/21

Knights of Columbus Scholarships - presented to seniors who demonstrate charity, fraternity, patriotism, and unity to the community through school and community activities. Deadline 5/14/21

Kristofer J. Di Natale Scholarship - presented to a senior who has demonstrated strong interest and commitment to technology and will attend a post-secondary institution. Applicants must submit a typed essay describing their interest in technology and future plans. A high school transcript must be attached. Deadline 5/14/21

Liz Bono Memorial Scholarship - presented to a senior who is a leader among peers, participates in extracurricular activities and is committed to their community. The student is preparing for a career in business management or is planning to start their own business. Deadline 5/14/21

The Lori Isler Teacher Scholarship - In loving memory of their daughter and sister, the Isler family established “The Lori Isler Teacher Scholarship”. Miss Isler graduated from Haldane in 1981 and went on to become a dedicated and compassionate teacher at Haldane for 30 years. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who is planning on pursuing a career in education, is involved in community service, and is interested in empowering and investing in today’s youth for a brighter tomorrow. Deadline 5/14/21

Marie Klubnick Baranowski Music Award - presented to a senior band member who displays high commitment to the band, and who inspires other students of the importance of the band. Mrs. Baranowski graduated from Haldane in 1939 and went on to play french horn in the U.S. Coast Guard Band during World War II. 

The Martha Lou Anders Memorial Scholarship - presented to a senior who excels in English and has a passion for local and/or New York State history, as demonstrated by classroom performance, cumulative average, and writing talent.

The Nelsonville Fire Department Memorial Award - presented to a senior who best portrays the spirit of volunteerism in the Philipstown community and, preferably, volunteers as a firefighter. 

The Philipstown Volunteer Ambulance Corps Robert Christie Memorial Scholarship - presented to a senior who volunteers within the community in any capacity and plans to further their education. Deadline 5/14/21

Village of Cold Spring Police Benevolent  Association - This scholarship will be awarded to one male student and one female student who performed community service during their high school career and demonstrates a willingness to serve others.  Deadline 5/14/21

Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce Philip Baumgarten Memorial Scholarship - this $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Philipstown resident and high school senior who has volunteered in the community and/or has worked for a local business. Deadline 5/1/21 

New York-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship - this $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who plans to follow a career in the health field. Deadline 5/3/21

Town of Philipstown Republican Committee Scholarship - presented to a senior who demonstrates good character and positive contributions of school and  community, as well as community service. Deadline 4/23/21

Master Gardener Scholarship - will be awarded to a student who is pursuing a college degree in the field of Plant Science, Horticulture, Floriculture, Architectural Landscape Design, Forestry, Botany or any other environmentally related program. Awardee will receive the scholarship money after successfully completing one semester of college. Must be a high school senior and resident of Putnam County. Deadline - 4/30/21





Additional Scholarship Resources

Please use caution when applying for scholarships. Students should never be required to pay a fee to apply for a scholarship. Visit to learn more.

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