Virtual High School

Virtual High School is a non-profit consortium of over 350 schools around the world that provides online course offerings for students. VHS courses can be demanding, requiring 5-7 hours of work each week. Students will participate in online discussions, collaborative projects, and independent writing. The courses are taught by certified teachers and there is a great deal of individual instruction. Students must plan their work, be responsive to deadlines, and be conscientious in completing assigned tasks. Students that are most successful with VHS courses are those that are especially interested in the content of the course.

VHS allows Haldane students to take highly desirable courses that are not offered at our school. Students engage in unique collaboration opportunities and exchange ideas across cultural and geographic boundaries. They will learn to use online tools and gain valuable skills for future “net-course” or “e-learning” opportunities beyond high school.

Haldane students that enroll in a VHS net-course will be assigned a period during the day to work on this course. VHS uses an online learning tool called “Desire2Learn” making it easy for students to work on their course from home or any location with an internet connection.

Talk to the school counselor to learn about additional Haldane requirements for taking a VHS course.