Clubs & Interest Groups

National Honor Society

Advisors: Marilyn Granese and Kristen Peparo

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high school students which recognizes students based on four pillars: scholarship (academic achievement), leadership, service, and character. Members are required to uphold the values of these four pillars by providing service to the community, school, or other organizations. The time spent working on these projects contributes towards the yearly service hour requirement.

The Haldane Chapter of National Honor Society invites applications from Juniors and Seniors with a Cumulative Weighted GPA of an 87.5 or higher by the end of their Sophomore year or Junior year, respectively. This GPA takes into account the weighting of various courses and is a different average than the overall GPA found on PowerSchool.

Inductees into the National Honor Society maintain their membership by completing 20 hours of community service throughout each school year.

National Honor Society Academic Distinction - National Honor Society members who achieve Principal's List for a minimum of eight quarters during their high school career are recognized at graduation with blue and gold cords.

Student Council

Advisors: Marilyn Granese and Kristen Peparo

Student Council is made up of elected officers, president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and two class representatives from each grade, as well as a set of officers that represent the entire student body. The council meets once during each calendar month to discuss school issues and traditions. Topics such as spirit week, homecoming, prom, class trips, as well as service ideas for the school community are discussed.

The Blue Print - School Newspaper

Advisor: Ashley Linda

This is a survey course covering different aspects of journalism, and produces the student run newspaper for the school. Students learn the basics of news writing, interview and research strategies, how to develop and manage sources, and how to maintain integrity when being published. Over the course of the year, students will discuss the ethics behind journalism practice and work to become engaged and active citizens.

Literary Magazine

Advisor: Eric Richter

The Literary Magazine is a staple in the Haldane community, as it is a place in which many students have found a place to engage their passion for art, prose, and poetry in all forms. The magazine is published annually, and serves as a menagerie of the school’s rising authors, poets, and artists’ work. The staff meets weekly to read and discuss every submission, and while the author remains anonymous to the staff in order to prevent bias, the staff does offer advice to the writer if deemed appropriate. In addition to discussion, review, and compilation of students’ work, the Literary Magazine engages in activities created to broaden student’s literary horizons, as well as enhance student’s appreciation of literary works. These include a trip to a Broadway play, participation in the Young Authors Conference, a program in which students from many different schools attend short seminars on different styles of writing, and participation in Poetry Out Loud, a local competition in which students recite poetry for a chance to move on to regional and then national levels.

Peer Mentoring

Advisors: Kristen Mosco and Tara Rounds

Peer Mentoring is a club that is dedicated to enhancing school culture and promoting positive social connections among students. High School Peer Mentors work with eighth grade students on social emotional and character building lessons and activities. In addition, they are involved in school-wide initiatives such as Red Ribbon Week and Random Acts of Kindness activities. This club is open to juniors and seniors who exhibit or want to increase positive leadership skills.


Advisor: Jenna Isabella

In the Haldanian Yearbook Club, students work to preserve the memories and history of their school days, which builds on the proud Haldane legacy and tradition. Students photograph classmates, teachers, and staff at important events throughout the year. They design colorful and creative layouts, and collaborate to create a book that will serve as a special and unique memento for each school year.

Model UN

Advisor: Jackie McGrath

President: Mae McGrath
Vice President: Will Martin:
Secretary: Nicole Mitchell
Treasurer: Lidja Slokensberg

The purpose of Model United Nations is to educate the future leaders of tomorrow through debates structured like the United Nations. The club’s motivations are rooted in the same policies as the UN itself: diplomacy, cooperation, dedication, integrity, respect of diversity, and determination. Through education on international issues, the art of diplomatic debate, writing resolutions, and using parliamentary procedure, students gain a wealth of skills helpful for their coming futures. Not only do debates assist with public speaking and leadership abilities, but the Model UN conferences, in which many other schools come together to debate, also offer students the ability to socialize with other bright young people similar to them

Art Club

Advisor: Dr. Richter

The Art Club is a place for artists and those who appreciate art to be immersed in a creative space that serves as a student support system. We hope that through topical presentations, artist speakers, portfolio building, workshops and discussion, we can help students be better prepared for life as an artist, be open to new experiences and ideas, and feel free to express themselves. The Art Club wants to help the students not only as artists, but also as people.

History Club

Advisor: Michelle Cordaro

The History Club is dedicated to exploring the past and analyzing the present to create a bridge to a brighter future. Students involved in the club hone their research skills by delving into some of the questions left unanswered in local history. For example, students have analyzed the role Haldane alumni have played in the World War II effort by working to research and create a plaque to hang in our high school to honor those who have served. Students have also conducted an archaeological dig in the Mountain Avenue cemetery (in conjunction with the local town board) to help restore the Morris tomb and better understand Cold Spring's contributions to the Civil War effort and to American culture.

Identity Club

Advisory: Andrea McCue

Started as an interest group by two passionate students three years ago, the Identity Club is dedicated to being a very positive force at Haldane. Our members believe the most important characteristics of Identity Club is that it is a safe, inclusive, and supportive space where anyone can come to learn or freely express opinions about different identities. We cover identities ranging from sexuality and gender to ethnicity and religion. We strive to contribute to a diverse and open atmosphere in the school, as well as help spread awareness of major issues that minority groups face. Our club also teams up with other GSAs (gay-straight alliances) from nearby schools, so as to build a diverse and supportive network for students in our club and expand the feeling of acceptance from our club to our local communities. We are open to any and all respective new members and meet Mondays at lunch in H113.

Women Empowered

Advisor: Ashley Linda

Women Empowered is an inclusive, safe space for the students of Haldane to share ideas, discover, and communicate about topics that affect their lives in and out of school. Speakers are invited in from the Haldane community to lead discussions on an array of topics based on the feedback from all club members. Members of this club learn to become advocates for themselves and others, while promoting greater equality for all.

Leo Club

Advisor: Ginny Pidala

The objective of the Leo Club is to provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community.

Leadership: Develop skills as a project organizer, time manager, and team leader.

Experience: Learn how teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration can help bring exciting changes to your community and the world.

Opportunity: Make friends and feel the rewards of community service.

ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights)

Advisor: Ashley Linda

ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights) is a place for students to learn about various topics in the animal rights community, and take collective action to address them. Activities include fundraisers, informational tables, and movie nights throughout the school year. In addition to meetings, students also plan and participate in field trips to broaden their knowledge and advocate for others.

International Club

Advisors: Amy Hopkin and Bruno Ribeiro

Haldane High School International Student Club serves as a platform to connect people from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. The club welcomes all students who have an interest in learning about our differences and what we have in common.

Through activities, events, and international travel, the club seeks to involve the community in a multicultural environment. Haldane International Club also seeks to create a community which celebrates diversity and embraces unity where everyone is respected for their differences and where these cultural differences can be shared and accepted in a tranquil setting.

Blues Devils

Advisor: Christian Hoolan

Blues Devils is Haldane's own in-house rock and roll band. Students play all of the instruments and sing, typically playing songs that span various genres such as classic rock, funk, metal, punk, and anything else the students enjoy. Blues Devils perform at the school concerts, talent shows, and other school-held events, and can provide a great outlet for students that are into these genres of music.

Blue Notes

Advisor: Martha Mechalakos

Blue Notes is a small choral ensemble for female singers, grades 8-12. Directed by Martha Mechalakos, admission is by audition. Auditions are held annually. This group is primarily an a cappella ensemble and sings music of all styles, from medieval to contemporary, including classical, jazz and pop rock. Blue Notes had the honor of singing the national anthem in the spring of 2016 at CItifield for a Mets' baseball game.

Haldane Drama & Stage Crew

Advisors: Martha Mechalakos and Andrea McCue

Haldane Drama has distinguished itself repeatedly by producing professional quality plays and musicals through cultivating the tremendous wealth of talent in the community and most importantly in Haldane’s students. Every Haldane Drama production is an event, and sets the bar for dramatic and musical excellence. Intensive rehearsal, coaching in dialogue and music as well as technical excellence and precision are a part of every show. Recent productions include “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”, “Into the Woods”, “Sweeney Todd”, “Skin of Our Teeth”, and “The Crucible”. Student actors who find a home in Haldane Drama are cultivated through the years they are at Haldane into truly gifted performers and always remain part of the family. In addition, local artists and craftspeople lend their expertise to every production in set building, lighting, sound, coaching and consulting. Haldane Drama sets a standard of excellence and never fails to enchant our ever growing audience and fans with what Haldane’s young artists can accomplish. Come and see what all the fuss is about.

Ski Club

Advisor: Steve Graff

For over forty years, the Ski Club has brought the thrill of recreational skiing and snowboarding to the students of Haldane's Middle and High Schools. Many of our Club members' parents were Ski Club members themselves.

On day trips run to local ski areas in the Catskills, beginners are offered ski or snowboard instruction and rental equipment as they take to the trails for the first time, while experienced skiers and snowboarders explore the more difficult terrain on the mountain.

Three day overnight trips are run to premier resorts in upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, such as Stowe, Bromley, Gore, Waterville Valley, and Okemo. On these trips, students get to share their love of the snow covered trails with their friends, and make memories which last a lifetime.

A dedicated and experienced team of chaperones accompany all Club trips. Chaperones have included teachers, parents, and members of the National Ski Patrol.

Environmental Science Interest Group

Advisor: Michele Valenti

The Environmental Science Interest Group is a student organization whose mission is to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members in a positive and engaging social setting. Students meet twice a month on Monday during lunch period.