On Campus Parking

Senior Parking Lot Rules & Regulations

1. On-campus student parking is strictly limited to the Senior Parking Lot behind the high school. Students are not permitted to park anywhere else on school grounds. Haldane parking tags will be issued to Seniors only.

2. All vehicles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and have the current parking tag displayed from the rear view mirror. Students parking without permission risk having their vehicle towed by the school. Parking tags may not be transferred from one student to another without prior permission from the high school office. Failure to comply with this will result automatic suspension of your parking privileges. If there is a change in your vehicle, please report this information to the high school office.

3. A speed limit of 5 miles per hour will be strictly enforced on campus at all times. Haldane High School will not tolerate reckless driving on school grounds.

4. Students are not to loiter in the Senior Parking Lot or Staff Parking Lot at any time. Student vehicles are not to be used for lounging, listening to music, smoking, etc. during the school day.

5. All vehicles must be locked when parked on campus. Haldane Central School District is not responsible for stolen property or vehicle damage when vehicles are parked on school grounds. Any stolen property or vehicle damage must be reported directly to the School Resource Officer prior to leaving school grounds, as well as to the driver's insurance company. It is recommended that all technology devices and other items of value not be kept in parked cars.

6. Seniors must remain in good standing with regard to attendance, behavior, and academics in order to retain parking privileges.

7. Cars parked on campus are subject to search if the administration has reasonable suspicion to believe that the search will result in evidence that the student or visitor violated the school Code of Conduct or the law.

8. Senior parking at Haldane High School is a privilege. All students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined in the the Haldane Central School District Code of Conduct.