Pathways to Success

One of the most important steps we can take as a school to round out our college & career counseling program is to provide access to positive role models in all walks of life. Ninth grade is a time where students are typically too removed from the reality of graduation to find authentic inspiration and meaning in their schooling. It is also a time when some students struggle to remain engaged in school work as a mere function of compliance.

Pathways to Success helps bridge these gaps, connecting students with individuals in our community who excel in their career paths. Students who participate in Pathways to Success are charged with analyzing the common traits of community mentors and exploring the essential ingredients for personal mastery and success.

Contact Melissa Seideman for more information.


  • Students will develop a “real world” context for their academic studies to enhance motivation and direction.
  • Students will explore potential occupations from first-hand accounts rather than stereotypes or public perception.
  • Students will establish contacts for future internships or apprenticeships in their Junior/Senior year and beyond
  • Students will gain important life skills through interpersonal communication, organization, “cold-calling,” and professional courtesy and propriety.


  • Students will experience a series of guest speakers from diverse career paths who have risen to a position of prominence in their given field.
  • Students will write a series of short reflections comparing and contrasting observations from the different presentations relative to their own personal journey and future goals.
  • Students will independently arrange for and conduct an interview with an individual in a career of potential future interest.


  • Eligibility Elective course open to all 9th graders. The guest speaker series will also be publicized and open to members of the 10th-12th grades.
  • Credits .5 academic credit
  • Grading Pass/Fail/A
    Students will be assessed on completion of written work, independent assignments, and participation in workshops.
  • Schedule Mondays 2:15-3:10PM.
  • Workload Weekly short written assignments.