Clubs & Activities

Student Council

Advisor: Kevin Dougherty

The purpose of the Haldane Middle School Student Council is to collaborate with teachers and administrators to improve student life and provide students with valuable learning experiences. Student Council gives students a voice in determining school issues and exploring ideas for solutions. We strive to unite the student body, get students involved, and foster a positive climate throughout the school.


Advisors: Andrea McCue & Jenna Isabella

Students who are involved in the Middle School Drama are encouraged to express themselves creatively through the lens of storytelling. During the rehearsal process, students grow as a community to create a story they are proud to tell. In addition to acting, students are asked to help construct and paint the set for the play. Students can also get involved behind the scenes, with stage crew, props, costumes, lighting design, and sound design.
Some of our most recent productions include: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, The Government Inspector, A Midsummer Night in Jersey, and Mission Possible.


Advisor: Ryan McConville

The SWAT Team welcomes highly motivated 6, 7, and 8th grade independent students with knowledge of computers and PowerPoint. Students are responsible for posting the daily announcements, cafeteria menu, photographs, upcoming social activities, and sporting events to the new TV monitor by the office. Our goal is to provide students another way to be leaders and expose them to responsibility and accountability, all while building a sense of community and pride in our Middle School.

Foreign Language Club

Advisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Haldane Middle School International Student Club serves as a platform to connect people from all backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities. The club welcomes all students who have an interest in learning about our differences and what we have in common.

Through activities and events, the club seeks to involve the community in a multicultural environment. Haldane International Club also seeks to create a community which celebrates diversity and embraces unity where everyone is respected for their differences and where these cultural differences can be shared and accepted in a tranquil setting.

STEM Girls

Advisor: Parker Parella, High School Student

STEM Girls is run by female high school students who are interested in helping young girls explore possible careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. In this program, 5th and 6th graders are engaged through hands-on experiments and guest speakers working in various STEM fields.


MS Yearbook is open to students in grades 6-8. Students raise funds, promote sales, design, and create a 24+ page yearbook for the Middle School. Student take photographs, survey students, and work closely with the Student Council, clubs, intramurals, modified sports, and the music and art departments to represent student activities and events at the Middle School level.

Lunch Bunch

Advisor: Rachel Formale

The Lunch Bunch provides an alternative setting for lunch and recess for students grades 6-8. Students are free to come during their lunch period to eat, do homework, or hangout with their friends in an environment that is quieter and more relaxing than the cafeteria or outdoors. The Lunch Bunch can be a safe place for any student to come if they feel uncomfortable in the lunchroom, or need somewhere less stimulating to unwind between classes. As the prevention educator at Haldane, Ms. Formale observes and supervises the lunch bunch, but she is also available as a counselor for students to talk to in an informal setting if they need. The Lunch Bunch has become a great alternative to the typical cafeteria lunch of most middle schools.

Banana Splits

Advisor: Carol Storey

Banana Splits is a peer group experience and is offered to any middle school student managing their living situations with families that are separated, divorced, and/ or in conflict.

This confidential group provides students with opportunities to share concerns, express emotions, and learn ways in which they may address any concerns. Mrs. Storey, the school counselor, moderates the weekly sessions.

Typical topics include positive communication, resolving conflict, managing stress, understanding emotions, handling the holidays, visitation schedules, and school and weekend life. Students may bring up other areas of discussion.

Students may attend meetings as desired and they are generally held during the school day.

Sixth graders and new students learn about Banana Splits in the beginning of each school year.

Ski Club

Advisor: Steve Graff

For over forty years, the Ski Club has brought the thrill of recreational skiing and snowboarding to the students of Haldane's Middle and High Schools. Many of our Club members' parents were Ski Club members themselves.

On day trips run to local ski areas in the Catskills, beginners are offered ski or snowboard instruction and rental equipment as they take to the trails for the first time, while experienced skiers and snowboarders explore the more difficult terrain on the mountain.

Three day overnight trips are run to premier resorts in upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, such as Stowe, Bromley, Gore, Waterville Valley, and Okemo. On these trips, students get to share their love of the snow covered trails with their friends, and make memories which last a lifetime.
A dedicated and experienced team of chaperones accompany all Club trips. Chaperones have included teachers, parents, and members of the National Ski Patrol.

Blue Notes

Advisor: Martha Mechalakos

Blue Notes is a small choral ensemble for female singers, grades 8-12. Directed by Martha Mechalakos, admission is by audition. Auditions are held annually. This group is primarily an a cappella ensemble and sings music of all styles, from medieval to contemporary, including classical, jazz and pop rock. Blue Notes had the honor of singing the national anthem in the spring of 2016 at CItifield for a Mets' baseball game.

Blues Devils

Advisor: Christian Hoolan

Blues Devils is Haldane's own in-house rock and roll band. Students play all of the instruments and sing, typically playing songs that span various genres such as classic rock, funk, metal, punk, and anything else the students enjoy. Blues Devils perform at the school concerts, talent shows, and other school-held events, and can provide a great outlet for students that are into these genres of music.


Advisors: Tony Caldiero & Ed Crowe

The Middle School Intramural Program takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays during 10th period (2:15 – 2:55). Throughout the year, activities include, but are not limited to; ultimate frisbee, flag football, floor hockey, team handball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. The program will take place in the large gym, athletic fields, or blacktop. Students will not be required to change, but must wear sneakers. If students are not in proper attire they will not be able to participate in the activity.

Intramurals are not be available for Middle School students participate in modified, junior varsity, or varsity sports.